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Italian cuisine, pizza and wine aficionados alike visit A16 in San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood with similar intentions: To enjoy the flavors of Italy’s soulful south. The restaurant shares its name with the highway that runs from Naples to Canosa and, true to its namesake, gathers its inspiration from southern Italy – particularly Campania, the region surrounding Naples. Chef Rocky Maselli oversees the menu, which features fresh pasta, house-butchered and house-cured meats and authentic Neapolitan pizza. Complementing the rustic menu, Wine Director and Owner Shelley Lindgren selects wines that highlight the indigenous grapes from Campania and nearby regions.

“A16 is by far the most innovative yet traditional Italian restaurant in San Francisco – and my absolute favorite.  Shelly Lindgren has several restaurants in San Francisco and is well-loved and respected by most of the other restaurateurs in the city.” — Lee Ann Monfredini

2355 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

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