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Peace One Person at a Time

Recent terrorism across Europe, angry rhetoric in American politics and all the other various acts of violence we seem to witness every day have me thinking about one thing: Peace.

Peace is such a simple word, yet it holds such complex meaning. Because “peace” is more than just a word.  It is a statement.  It is a sentiment.  It is a call to action and a two-finger salute.

Peace is also a state of being and state of mind; one that most of us crave at least as much as anything else in our lives, our relationships and ourselves.

So it follows that peace cannot me mandated by any religious organization or governmental body. It can only exist when each of us makes a conscious decision to think and act and live in a way that allows it to exist.

In other words, peace is created one person at a time – and can also be destroyed singlehandedly.

So, I have decided to seek a path that leads to greater personal peace, and gladly share a few thoughts on how you might clear a way for peace in your home and heart.

  • Create a peaceful, quiet place wherever you live. It can be as big as a whole room or just a small chair in a quiet corner.
  • Begin the journey on your personal peace train with meditation. Studies show that people who meditate daily – even for three minutes – begin to decrease anxiety in their lives.
  • When you meet people, take the time to look into their eyes. Our eyes offer a tiny reflection of our souls, so you’ll learn more from this simple activity than you might from an hour of introductory conversation.
  • Consciously treat others as you would like to be treated. The key word here is consciously. Think of past times when someone did not give you the basic respect you deserved. You have no right to do this to another human being.
  • Walk away from people who thrive on chaos. These are the people who believe life only works if they’re the center of attention, and they’ll never be able to reciprocate.
  • When you love someone, love them as they are, with all their faults, ticks, challenges and weirdness. There is no such thing as constructive criticism. All criticism risks hurting the soul.
  • People are guided by only two emotions: Love or Fear. Take the time in each human interaction with another to decipher what emotion is driving their conversation with you. If it’s fear, be kind and remember what it is like to be afraid. If it is love, be aware of and thankful for the gift.

As I’ve said before, I believe peace can only be created one person at a time – and you can begin becoming a person of peace right now.

This is just my attempt to start the conversation. Please help it grow by sharing your own ideas and suggestions for creating peace in your life and the lives of others.

“Let there be peace on earth – and let it begin with me.”Lyrics by Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller

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Lee Ann Monfredini

Lee Ann Monfredini

A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a degree in Management, Lee Ann Monfredini has not only served on the boards and executive teams of some of the most respected health and social organizations in the Bay Area, but also become a one of the most respected agents in the real estate market. With more than $100 million of successful home sales under her belt, she’s living proof that personal expertise and insightful perspective can provide any client with a competitive advantage.

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