News Detox (One Day at a Time)

If you’re a follower of 360Women, you already know I’m a full-on, plugged-in, main-lining news junkie.  At any given moment in any given place, I’m either watching or listening to CNN, MSNBC, FOX – whatever.  Some say I flip between local news programs and the 24-hour channels faster than a dealer flips cards in a high-stakes poker game.

But it all stops today.  Cold turkey.  No media methadone.  Today is the first day of my 14-day “news detox” and just like all other addicts, I am firm in my commitment but will have to take it one day at a time (or in some cases, one hour at a time).

Why now?  I cannot inhale, ingest, absorb or digest one more moment of toxic, televised hate or fear; hate fed by inflammatory election coverage and anger from fellow human beings who fear what might happen tomorrow or next week or next year – here at home or anywhere else in our world.

Of course, I’m choosing a most interesting time for my news detox.  I live in San Francisco and the California primary will happen in the middle of my two-week rehab.  By the time you read this, it will only be a few days away, so I’ve scheduled some vacation time out of town, but will still require the support of loved ones since even the most remote destinations now have wifi.

I’m just hoping a change of location will help me get all the negativity out of my system.  Well, that and the earth-shattering thought that occurred to me last night; a notion I keep repeating (both silently and aloud) like a new mantra:

Everything is happening just the way it should.

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” Rumi



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Lee Ann Monfredini

Lee Ann Monfredini

Lee Ann Monfredini is the founder of 360Women and a life-long advocate of women’s issues, political activism, social volunteerism, organizational accountability and personal responsibility. A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a degree in Non-Profit Management, she’s not only served on the boards and executive teams of some of the most respected health organizations in the Bay Area, but built a successful second career as one of the most respected realtors in the market. She can be reached at leeann@360women.net.

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