Lee Ann Monfredini

Edgewood Center for Children + Families

Founded in 1851, Edgewood Center for Children and Families serves thousands of children, youth and families that have experienced traumatic stress leading to learning disabilities, mental illness and debilitating behavioral issues. With treatment and prevention programs, many children and families can overcome these challenges and transform their lives. Three locations in in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties offer more than 25 programs ranging from prevention and early intervention to community based treatment and residential care. At Edgewood, youth often succeed for the first time because their holistic approach allows them to identify and build upon the unique strengths of each client. We take a family-centered, integrated approach and recognize that kids do better when action is taken before behavior issues escalate. So their preventive and early intervention programs are designed to reach youth where they are – in schools, neighborhoods and communities.

Intake+Referrals: 844.334.3411 (Toll-Free) or 415.682.3172

San Francisco Metro
1801 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA 94116
San Francisco Bayview
3801 3rd Street  I  Suite 610
San Francisco, CA 94124

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