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Laguna Honda Hospital + Rehabilitation Center

The Laguna Honda Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to helping people fulfill their potential and strives to prepare clients to return home with the physical abilities and resources they need to live full and satisfying lives. Their  therapeutic specialists are experts at treating the effects of stroke, spinal cord injury, orthopedic disorders, brain injury, neurologic conditions, amputation and other major traumas.

One of the qualities that distinguishes Laguna Honda’s long term care and rehabilitation services is that a physician is on site 24 hours a day.  In-house doctors help make Laguna Honda the right choice for many people with complex clinical conditions. All Laguna Honda patients or residents are assigned a primary care physician who follows their progress closely,  providing personalized and comprehensive service.

Another important quality of Laguna Honda’s services is that patients receive the care they need regardless of income or financial status. Most costs are adjusted according to a sliding scale and the only time prospective patients might be turned away is because there simply isn’t a bed available.

Laguna Honda’s staff physicians are experts in a variety of practice areas, including:

+ Geriatrics
+ Rehabilitation
+ Stroke
+ Traumatic Brain Injury
+ Multiple Sclerosis
+ Alzheimer’s and Other Forms of Dementia
+ Hospice and End of Life Care
+ Mental Health
+ Bioethics

Laguna Honda also provides care from consulting physicians in dermatology, surgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, endocrinology, podiatry, dental and oral surgery, optometry and ophthalmology.

911 Emergency
415.759.2300 General
375 Laguna Honda Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94116

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