Lee Ann Monfredini

Hong Kong Lounge

Whether you’re a devoted dim sum diner or completely new to the experience, Hong Kong Lounge serves scrumptious foods in an entertaining environment you’ll truly enjoy. A main staple of dim sum is the steamed bun and Hong Kong Lounge may serve the best in San Francisco. Pork and beef also play a key role in dim sum dining, so their barbecue ribs and sizzling sautéed specialties own a spotlight position on the menu. At the same time, vegetarians can rejoice in their steamed veggie platters, while seafood lovers will savor their assortment of tasty prawns.  For those who might wish for a personal dish Hong Kong Lounge serves hearty clay pot specials with earthy flavors and tantalizing aromas that will fill your senses.  The chef is always creating new, exciting dishes – and the Chef’s Special dinner is perfect for a party of four. Just gather around a table, spin the revolving trays and share a delicious meal with friends.

“Hong Kong Lounge is one of the most popular dim sum restaurants in San Francisco – and deservedly so. Fun atmosphere and amazing food.” Lee Ann Monfredini

5322 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94121

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