Lee Ann Monfredini

Acme Bread

Founded in 1983, Acme supplies bread to dozens of restaurants, grocery stores and retailers around the Bay Area. At first, the bakery only made four different kinds of Bread: Pain au Levain, Sweet Baguettes, Upstairs Bread and Challah. But based largely on the special requests and suggestions of customers, they’ve expanded their product list over the last twenty years to include more than 100 different products.  Their whole-grain flours have been organic since the beginning, and in 1999, Acme made the switch to 100% organic flour for all products. They use organic California olive oil from Enzo; organic raisins, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds sourced by Keith Giusto; and organic California sweet cream butter from the Rumiano Cheese Company.

“In San Francisco, there’s a good bakery on almost every corner.  But when it comes to reputation and renown, Acme Bread is one of the best in the Bay Area. “ Lee Ann Monfredini

1 Ferry Building (Ferry Plaza)
San Francisco, CA 94111

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