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A Legacy of Music and Quiet Giving

Prince Rogers Nelson left this world on Thursday, April 21, 2016, and his death not only shocked the music industry, but continues to impact millions of fans worldwide.

I am not the one to comment on his music, but I understand he could play about 20 instruments before he reached the age of 18 and many professionals consider him one of the most talented artists in the business. Ever.

I’m also a little embarrassed to tell you I had no idea he wrote so many songs that I absolutely love, including many performed by other artists.

The reason I sat down to write this now is because I am awed by his quiet generosity.  As the hours pass since news of his death first broke across every channel, the tales of his charitable giving continue to be revealed.

One man interviewed near Prince’s studios told the story of how the mega-entertainer once heard that a local family who had fallen on hard times needed a new roof they simply could not afford.  So, Prince called the head of the family, told him to call the roofing company, and tell them to send him the bill.

A grieving woman also standing in front of Paisley Park mentioned that whenever a local food bank in Minneapolis was short on supplies, a check from this very private performer would mysteriously arrive to fill the shelves.  Of course, it always came with a short, handwritten note asking that the gift remain anonymous.

Prince also reached out to many after the horror of Hurricane Katrina to ask what he could do for the people of New Orleans, and eagerly gave to whatever organizations were identified by charitable foundations (again asking that his donations be kept private).

Perhaps most significantly, many professional musicians speak of how he not only gave of his fortune, but of his time and of himself. How he reached out privately to the ailing and retired members of the industry who had somehow been forgotten or run out of money to pay their rent.

So, while all of us can appreciate the musical contributions Prince has made to this world, I personally commit to learning much more from this beloved man.  I will remember to give as much as I can to those who are hungry and those who are in trouble.

Good night, sweet Prince. Your music will live forever and, hopefully, your love of others in need will continue to inspire us to emulate a little of your generosity.

PS: If you missed seeing Prince in concert (like I did), I encourage you get out there and buy concert tickets for your favorite performers. Now. Nothing else matches The Magic of Live Music and, unfortunately, no one lives forever.

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Lee Ann Monfredini

Lee Ann Monfredini

A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a degree in Management, Lee Ann Monfredini has not only served on the boards and executive teams of some of the most respected health and social organizations in the Bay Area, but also become a one of the most respected agents in the real estate market. With more than $100 million of successful home sales under her belt, she’s living proof that personal expertise and insightful perspective can provide any client with a competitive advantage.

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  • Lee Ann, thanks for writing this beautiful tribute to an amazing talent – I knew nothing about his personal generosity and philanthropy. He was obviously a ‘man for others’ who gave more than his talent to the world via his music, and he gave in a way that was always ‘under the radar’ – the way giving from the heart should be given, not for public acknowledgement, but just to help fellow humans in need. He obviously knew that each individual only needs a certain amount, and those with more can definitely afford to give more. After reading this wonderful tribute to Prince, I can say with all sincerity that Prince was a true example of a generous soul AND an incredible talent…RIP Prince…a true prince of a man.

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